"Pathway-2-Prosperity" Project (P2P)

26 May 2021 / Zhang

Welfare Advice Session

Ethnic Health Forum has moved to their new office in Ardwick and started seeing the clients. The new location is easily accessible and has free car parking space. We will organize our future activities including advice sessions, training, workshops, English langauge club sessions at this new office.

17 April 2021 / Rauf

New Team Leader for P2P Project

Hafsa Aslam appointed as the New Team Leader of the Welfare Rights Advice Project, replacing Hanif Bobat, who is allowed to focus on managing Development Work. Hafsa has earned this new role as a result of her continuous hard work in developing and expanding Welfare Rights Advice in the last two years. Congratulations!

April 2020 / Rauf

COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic infections, Ethnic Health Forum responded by revisiting our Risk Assessment Policy and Health & safeguarding Policy. Accordingly, EHF has to rethink and respond to this new situation of social distancing and locked down. EHF made necessary arrangements to follow Government guidlines and PPE facilities were provided at our office. However, EHF started online and telephone based services. However, one to one appointments were limited to urgent and extreme scenarios.

10 March 2020 / Akhter

Celebrating Women Day 2020

Ethnic Health Forum Women group celebrated the International Women Day 2020 by participating in a local community event at The Place, organised by the Fallowfield Library. EHF staff and volunteers arranged service awareness sessions and attracts visitors by offering free henna painting at the occasion.

12 Feb 2020 / Rauf

P2P Project - New Staff Induction

Akhter joined the P2P project as Welfare rights Advisor and Outreach Worker. We welcome her to our team. We hope that she will be an expereinced addition in our Welfare Advice Team and will promote the project among Kurdish community living in Manchester. She was a volunteer Welfare Advice worker with Ethnic Health Forum for the last 3 months. She has attended the training in Welfare Advice work organised by MACC.

Oct 2019 / Nigar - Hafsa

P2P Community Engagement - English Language Students' Get Together

Ethnic Health Forum staff organised "One Dish Party" with English Class students who recently arrived to this country. This activity helped them to speak and explain about their traditional food. The food served an excuse to bring them together for cultural interaction and integration. They loved it and asked us to do it again because they never find these activities in any place where they usually go to learn the English language.

7 Sep 2019 / Rauf

Improve English through Henna Painting

Ethnic Health Forum - Women Support project, organised a unique way of engaging women who cannot speak English. The club was organised to coordinate and involve women into Henna painting whilst they indirectly learn and improve English conversation. It was a ten weeks activity where participants were encouraged to improve their confidence and self esteem while having conversation in English.

25 Jun 2019/ Rauf

P2P Project - New Staff Induction

Hafsa Aslam joined the P2P project as Welfare rights Advisor. We welcome her to our team. We hope that she will be an expereinced addition in our core advise team.

Jun 2019/ Rauf - Zhang

P2P Outreach - Somali Community

Community Talk organised by EHF Women Project at Local Somali Community Mosque in Manchester. The idea was to engage women from hard to reach community groups. The staff of Ethnic Health Forum cooridnated an event of cancer awareness at local Somali community mosque. It was a busy event where more than 25 women participated.

25 Jun 2019/ Rauf

P2P Project Outreach - Women Support

P2P project lead Nigar participated in the community event as part of Outreach activity to promote and inform the local communities and other sister organisations about the project. She was well supported by Ethnic Health Forum volunteers. The project also aimed at raising awareness among women from minority ethnic communities during this event.

5 March 2019/ Rauf

P2P Staff Induction

As the project P2P deals with local residents who find hard to speak English language. Therefore, bilingual male and female Welfare Rights Advice staff was recruited through advertising in email networks, other third sector organisations and community centres. We welcome our new P2P staff that includes Faleh, Nigar and Asma on their successful induction.

25 Feb 2019 / Rauf

Manchester Local MP Afzal Khan visits P2P Complementary Service

One of the component of P2P project is to provide complementary / alternative therapy services to clients who are depressed, feeling low or having stress and anxiety in their life. Ethnic Health Forum was honoured to host the visit of local Manchester MP Afzal Khan. He was greeted by Dr Najeeb, Cupping expert from Syria. Cupping (Hijama) is popular mode of alternative therapy among Arabic speaking communities.

12 Dec 2018 / Rauf

Hurrah - P2P Project secures funding from Community Fund

The proposed Pathway 2 Prosperity Project was approved by the Community Fund Reaching Communities Grant. The project was given go ahead for next three years. We at Ethnic Health Forum were delighted to start this program consists of four major components. The trustees and the staff extend their thanks to Community Fund for their approval of the suggested program and putting their confidence in Ethnic Helath Forum.

24 Sep 2018 / Rauf

Inception of Pathway 2 Prosperity (P2P) Project

The project pathway 2 Prosperity was developed keeping in view the holistic program of services around clients' needs and has four various components; a) Welfare Rights Advice , b) Volunteering, c) English language skills enhancement club, and d) provision of complimentary services (cupping, therapeutic massage). It was funded by Community Fund Reaching Communities Program
It was aimed to set up gender friendly, 1-2-1 welfare advice support service for local residents. This service is non digital (no emails, no telephone helpline) but for those local residents who are able to access our centre. We believe providing face2face direct support is the most appropriate for the type of clients we get.
B. VOLUNTEERING: This component of P2P will help in providing volunteering opportunities to local community members within EHF or signpost to other umbrella organisations in order to acquire new skills and enhance or brush up existing skills in various programs. This will also provide human resource to EHF to carry out its activities , events and trainings.
C. ENGLISH LANGUAGE SKILLS CLUB: This part of P2P program will help in enhancing people's ability in speaking and listening English language thereby improving their ability to adapt to local routine life. This activity in return improve their integration into mainstream society.
D. COMPLEMENTARY THERAPY: The idea of developing a self sustaining Complementary Therapy centre in order to provide non commercial-value for money alternative therapy services to residents of Greater Manchester particularly those who are on low income. This will pave the way to develop an Early Action preventative alternative therapy Service Centre