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My name is Fatima and I have joined Ethnic Health Forum to help people learn how to use computer. I enjoy helping people and let them learn new things and discover their abilities. I am also learning while helping other people during my volunteering at EHF.

Yarivan Faraj


My name is Yarivan and I have joined Ethnic Health Forum as a volunteer. I am a Kurdish Sorani Interpreter and learning office management skills at EHF. I enjoy learning new skills and supporting staff and dealing with clients.

Nadine Ahmed


Hello, my name is Nadine. I was one of the people that been helped by EHF , and now I am a volunteer with EHF, to be able to help more people who need help.

Jawan Omer


I am originally from Kurdistan and has joined the Ethnic Health Forum as a volunteer. I have a Higher National Certificate in Computing and a fair amount of experience working with the Kurdish community living in the Greater Manchester area. I would like to support and help people of any community.

Suleman Shabbir


I am a Biomedical Sciences graduate from the University of Salford. I am skilled in the utilization of IT while completing various tasks in my degree including presenting a group power point on the diagnosis of COPD. However, I also enjoy helping and supporting local communities in my spare time.

Kunrong Zhang


My name is Kurong Zhang and I am from China. I am an interpreter and I love to work with people. I am hopeful to bring peace and smile to the communities while volunteering for the Ethnic Health Forum.