Volunteering at EHF

26 May 2021 / Rauf - Zhang

Volunteer Zhang joins EHF Website Designing Session

Our new volunteer Zhang joins her first session at EHF Ardwick Office (City Growth House). She was shown how to update the organisation webpages. It was her first time working in this role and was surpised to know how web content is updated. After two hours of shadowing, she was able to update and insert images on this website for the first time in her life. This image reflects her success.>>>>>>>>>

25 May 2021 / Rauf

Staff-Volunteers Meeting

Ethnic Health Forum values the time, and the work volunteers provide to the organisation. We take volunteering seriously, where the journey of a volunteer passes through many stages. After induction, volunteers are provided with an opportunity to meet the team and share their work. This also raises their awareness about the work of the organisation done in real terms. We do not differentiate the staff and volunteer when it comes to roles and responsibilities. Volunteering is taken seriously at EHF, and we aim in developing and inculcating new skills, build confidence and promote self-esteem among our volunteers.  

19 Feb 2021 / Rauf

The Manchester Enterprise Challenge – University of Manchester Students Volunteering with Ethnic Health Forum

The Manchester Enterprise Challenge combines an academic unit on enterprise with a community project. It allows students to learn about enterprise while putting their skills into practice for a charity or not-for-profit organisation. This year Ethnic Health Forum accepted the University of Manchester student volunteers to develop a strategic business plan for the charity. This included a survey of current services, particularly in mental health wellbeing, a fundraising strategy, and a focus on digital inclusion policy, especially during the post-COVID-19 environment. Ethnic Health Forum is thankful to Debbie, Kirsty at the University of Manchester, and the participating students Annabelle Nicholson, Pilar Ruiz, Yosof Badr, Prasham Sheth, and Krishna Chauhan for their participation and contributions throughout this program.

For more details of this program, please click here.