Research Participation

22 June 2020 / Rauf

Manchester Urban Ageing Research Group (MUARG):

A research partnership with the University of Manchester

The lived experiences of older people during COVID-19: examining inequalities in Greater Manchester'.

The project takes a longitudinal approach to assess the impact of the pandemic on older people over time and involves telephone interviews with people aged 50 and over, drawn from a range of marginalised groups. More specifically, it includes older people who are at risk of social exclusion: either because of their individual characteristics and/or because of the neighbourhoods in which they live. The group views this work as particularly pressing given the context in which COVID-19 is having a disproportionate impact on low income and BAME communities. Which has already been affected by cuts to public services, the loss of social infrastructure, and pressures on the voluntary sector.

For more details about this project, Click here.

April 2019 / Rauf

Social and Cultural Barriers to Accessing Services Within Bedoun (Stateless) Arabic Speaking Communities: A research project approved by Ambition for Ageing

The research project set out to explore social and cultural issues affecting members of the Bedoun community of Central Manchester aged over 50. EHF also wanted to find out what barriers they experience when trying to access services. To view the report, you can visit external website of Ambition for Ageing, click here.